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6 signs you are born and raised in Delhi

  1. Bargaining


You are somebody who can bargain until you can get the stuff for free and feel like a king when in Sarojini nagar, Janpath or Palika market. You negotiate with brokers, traffic police, teachers (for the grades), auto drivers, property dealers and SHOPKEEPERS.

Being a Delhi-ite, I sometimes catch myself snatching a Rs. 5 discount when I buy something worth Rs. 20. I feel so small, this discount doesn’t even matter to me but it’s grown in the instinct now. So yes, we might as well end up negotiating with the god of death and earn a year or more to live.


  1. Road rage


Fights on the roads or witnessing such things have become a common part of your daily routine. This is a strange place because if someone has hit your car or something, it’s HIS fault. And if YOU hit someone else’s car or something, IT’S GOT TO BE HIS FAULT!!!

This is where your inner cuss artist comes out or gets to learn a lot of new colourful swear words.

  1. The daddy talks


You know that almost everyone in the city has a politician or exceptionally rich father and if not that, a massive group of powerful people who would appear in a minute to strike the opponent and are “just one call away”. Though almost 88percent of this group would go back home and jump off their feet if they encounter a rat chipping off their month’s hard earned grocery.

  1. Death stare


You have the potential to totally ignore the constant glares in metro and you too, often check people out, without any reason at all. Perhaps because you are bored and that fat aunty with a moustache seems amusing.

I enjoy looking at the people gazing at someone else, when they’re done and realise they have been caught, their expressions are priceless. It’s like If you’re a girl, not necessarily pretty *stare*. If you are a foreigner and look like one (with white skin and blond hair, specifically) *double stare*.  Oh! You are a group of friends talking to each other, even better entertainment! And if you are a girl wearing short shorts *death stare* *drool* *whistle* *faint*.

  1. Show off


You have an annoying neighbor or cousin who borrows your clothes, car, money and what not! And if they could, they would borrow your life too because they could even cut off on their needs, let alone taking loans in order to get something which glistens “other’s” eyes.

These are those annoying people who would only talk about someone else’s achievement like “You know my father’s second cousin’s friend’s cousin has bought a Porsche.” with certain contentment in their voice. And when it comes to their big thing, you better grab those earplugs because you’re going to hear about it millions and trillions of times.

  1. Food

And when your stomach rumbles “Butter chicken”, you drool the Pacific Ocean right away and you can cross any river or climb any mountain in order to treat your taste-buds. Delhi is about the people going out of their ways to cure their cravings or people stuffing every palatable dish on their way. Food for you is something beyond necessity. Diving into newer cuisines and judging people on the basis of their food choices is a major part of your life.






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