Incredible India

9 things you will experience only in Delhi.

_DSC0132s (Picture: I was just strolling in CP. This man cared to strike a pose as his comrade looked back to see what was happening. He then smiled, jumped into the scooter, waved and disappeared in traffic)

  1. The Forts affair.

New Delhi is the UNESCO World Heritage City of India with three UNESCO world heritage sites and about 174 monuments, dating back to the era of Tughlaqs, Lodis, Mughals, British and others, who mastered architectural intellect and attempted legendary contributions. As you would sit inside the edifices, or gaze at them from the outside, you might just feel some mystical power grabbing your collar-backs and gently placing you in a time machine.*Bam* and you are in history, when the rhythm of ghungroos of dancers adorned with heavy gold jewels, wearing floor length and frilly lehengas, took over the mind of the kingdoms, when the horses and elephants were majorly used for transportation, the era of kings and queens. The Qutb complex, Lodi tomb and Old fort are just few examples of the spots which happen to possess such captivating ability.

  1. Khari Baoli

This is for the chomps and a treasure for the cooks. Asia’s largest wholesale spice market Khari Baoli sells all kinds of spices, nuts, herbs and other eatables, located in the congestion of Old Delhi. You can also get other things at its cheapest price, in the vicinity: Hop in for the greatest variety and deals in ladies suits and lehengas, artificial jewelleries or stationary and books or hardware items and what not. The market is near the Red Fort (A.K.A Laal quila or Kila), a UNESCO world heritage site and this palace is the pride of Mughal architecture.

  1. Sulabh International Museum of Toilets

Yes! You heard that right. This museum is indeed perched at third position in a list of “top ten weirdest museums of the world” by TIME (an America based news agency). There are two similar concepts in Korea and UK too but this museum exhibits 4500 years of the history of toilets around the world. Dude, wasn’t it heart aching to sit on a beautiful toilet seat with such intricate and vividly colourful designs, and POOP?  Or ass wrecking to sit like a frog, targeting the pot holes?

  1. Integration of Indian states.

There is State Bhavan which has separate buildings for each state’s official work and the canteen serves palatable delicacies of the said state at cheap price. These canteens are not rated very high in ambiance and some of them are not open to public. But that’s not the only getaway, there is Delhi-haat in three locations which have state-wise food and handicraft stalls. When we are talking about handicrafts, terracotta, handlooms and other artefacts from different corners of the country, we specially mention State Emporia complex in CP which have Rajasthan emporium, Bengal emporium, Kashmir emporium and other gems. And to top it all, there is a grand fair organised annually in Surajkund during February. Step into this vibrant fair: shop or perhaps sit back and enjoy the folk performances, ride camels or devour different cuisines. Here you can find Amritsari naan from Amrtisar (Punjab), Idli and Dosa from southern India, Dhokla from Gujrat: the list indeed is endless.

  1. Bargaining

People in Delhi can bargain until they could get the stuff for free. Indeed, this is where you can buy something worth 1200 bucks for 50. Palika, Janpath and Sarojini nagar offer enormous scope for this activity. We negotiate with brokers, traffic police, teachers (for the grades), auto drivers, property dealers and SHOPKEEPERS. I sometimes catch myself snatching a Rs. 5 discount when I buy something worth Rs. 20. I feel so small, this discount doesn’t even matter to me but it’s grown in the instinct now. So yes, I might as well end up negotiating with the god of death and earn a year or more to live.

  1. Road rage.

When you are off on the streets of Delhi, chances are that you might end up witnessing at least one argument in the middle of the road, about nothing but perhaps a slight bump or maybe because one driver is trying to teach the other some ethics or rule of driving, just because it ”could have” caused an accident. Also if you want to research on desi swear words, this is the best place to be in. One can witness the unforeseen creativity of a pissed off Delhi-ite spitting colourful cusses.

  1. The daddy talks.

Okay! If the curse doesn’t work here, they have daddy to the rescue. Apparently, ninety percent of Delhi-ites have a politician or exceptionally rich father. If not that, a massive group of powerful people who would appear in a minute to strike the opponent and are just “one call away”.  And almost 88percent of this group would go back home and jump off their feet if they encounter a rat chipping off their month’s hard earned grocery.

  1. Death stare

If you are talking on the phone in the metro *stare*, and when they are not staring, they are all ears. If you’re a girl, not necessarily pretty *stare*. If you are a foreigner and look like one (with white skin and blond hair, specifically) *double stare*.  Oh! You are a group of friends talking to each other, even better entertainment!  If you are a girl wearing short shorts or something *death stare* *drool* *whistle* *faint*. This is a common activity, mainly in public transports. Don’t worry there is nothing wrong with you, but people are just too bored sometimes. When you enter the city, just make sure that you have the potential to totally ignore the constant glares and take them lightly, until off course situation gets out of control.

  1. Show off

There is a constant chaos of comparison and a constant display of pride. So, if Mr. Sharma bought a Porsche, it is a matter of discussion for almost every group around him. Chances are that his distant relatives or friends take pride in his achievement, as their own. Sometimes it sounds like “You know my father’s second cousin’s friend’s cousin has brought a Porsche.” with certain contentment in their voice. Many a times, people wouldn’t mind cutting off their needs or take loans to get something which glistens someone else’s eyes.

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