Incredible India

Top 4 reasons to pack your bags and fly to Delhi, right awayyyy!

1. All of India, accumulated.

Delhi, is the capital of India and it manages to mesh all of its diverse ethnicity with a big heart. The States Emporium has showrooms of different states, offering the very essence of their folk. States Bhawan are different official buildings, which apart from being official, have canteens serving the said state’s delicacies. Suraj Kund Craft Mela celebrates the folk art, music, dance and everything from different states, all in one ground, sparked with every possible tinge on the surface of earth.

2. Heritage lovers’ paradise

That’s because it has about 174 monuments as a whole; all of them narrating the stories of battles, invincible love, power and grandeur. Delhi has rugged and groomed ruins, longing for the imprints of your existence.

3. Arms wide open for every budget.

So, even if you are a budget traveler or affluent personality; get ready for the best. Best in terms of shopping, because right from Janpath and Sarojini Nagar, you have Promenade and Hauz Khas. Best in terms of food, because right from the street food in Chandni Chowk, you have Raddisson and Lalit. Best in terms of accommodation, because right from Pahadganj, you have CP and South Delhi.

4. And the parties never truly end..

..And so does the music. This is where the harmonicas of life is at its full swing. It’s basically like an eighty-something man is tapping his feet to the sound of a generator running. Be it in weddings or lavish discotheques, the voice of “WHAAAAAAA! I AIN’T GOING HOME” echoes on an on and on.

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