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Which is the best place in India according to YOUR travel style

I agree, different people have different travel style. And when it comes to India, your mind might spin around with all that jazz it already has; in the cultural diversity and the diversity in landforms. So, just sit back and let me give you a slight idea of which place in India is apt for you, whether you are a pilgrim, a party person, nature-buff etc.

1. Party Animals

Club Cubana (Goa) (via)

On your visit to India, you might just encounter North-Indians tossing their hands up in the air and wiggling their body to the sound of a generator. And when Daler Mehendi is being played, there is nothing that can stop Bhangra from taking over. All this is not confined to North-India, every corner of this country has its own style of celebrating,  like Garba and Dandiya of Gujarat, Theyyam of Kerala and Cheraw of Mizoram. And then there is dub-step and electro-house; so along with folk and culture, we do have maddening clubs in Goa, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chandigarh.

2.  Nature-buff

Darjeeling (West Bengal) (via)

What about outstretched beige hills flecked with glimmering sapphire lakes, rivers and isolated white monasteries? Ladakh is like a lady, obsessed with the color she wears. The color scheme is always complementing and almost nothing is an oddball. Ladakh is a district in Kashmir. And Kashmir is otherwise flourishingly green. If there exists a volcano that erupts flowers, it surely does somewhere in Kashmir. In fact, there is a place called Gulmarg in Kashmir which actually means Meadow of Flowers. For those beach-loving-folks, Andaman and Nicobar is the perfect spot. Scuba diving, snorkeling and several other water-sports in the blue waters of the Arabian Sea are a delightful indulgence. Kerala, Himachal Pradesh, Seven Sister States need to be on your list too.

3.  Culture-vulture

Rajasthan (via)

When a Rajasthani folk song is sung by 52-year old man with curlicue mustache and colorful turban, backed up with the sound of dhungri; you know you are not going anywhere until he stops, and you wish he never does. That’s how captivating it is. And when a young girl traces every move with peerless precision (dressed up in silk pajama-styled saree and wearing finely-cut gold ornaments) syncs with the tap of Carnatic music, you want to copy her moves. That’s how inspiring it is.

India is home to boundless culture, and to get the most of it. Punjab, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Kerala are the top-dogs when we are talking about culture and heritage.

4. Shopaholic

Colaba Market (Mumbai) (via)

Most of the times foreigners nod and agree with the price shopkeeper in a flea-market offers. WHY? it is a flea market FOR A REASON. Bargain! Negotiate! and stop walking away like a sly, when indeed you paid thrice the amount of its worth.

Coming back to the shopping destination in India (for both high-end and flea) shopping Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Goa, Chennai and Kolkata will prove to be a paradise for you.

5. Pilgrim

Meenakshi Amman Temple (Madurai) via

So, when I was eight, I went to Vrindavan. And even today, I recall that trip and think of the beautiful blue-eyed blondes, dressed in lehenga cholis chanting Krishna Mantra (No Homo!).This is one of God’s way of saying he doesn’t know such thing like boundaries. There are people who travel to seek indulgence with god; and if you happen to be one of those, take a tour to Varanasi, Haridwar, Amritsar, Vaishno Devi and Ajmer.

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