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All you need to know about visiting Singapore on a budget.

Let’s gulp this, Singapore is most expensive country in SE Asia, rubbing its shoulders with the finest countries of the world. The modernity and ethnicity are tied together like nowhere else. I bet there are a lot of you who want to visit Singapore in a budget. Before we move forth, I would let you know that your budget totally depends on the lifestyle you are choosing. If you are planning to visit SEA Aquarium, Night Safari, Zoo, Universal Studios and other such attractions, along with eating out in fancy restaurantS; then you must take a per day budget of S$ 90 to 200 (excluding accommodation and flights). But if you are okay cut off unnecessary attractions (like visiting either the Zoo or Night Safari) and eating out in food courts etc. then you are good to go with a daily budget of S$87 and S$147.


1. Drink tap water

A one-liter water bottle in Singapore can cost you around 2 S$. And the reason why I am insisting on not buying a water bottle is because tap water of Singapore meets the standards of WHO. You can drink the tap water without having to worry. And I cannot stress this enough, this would be an unnecessary expense.

2. Use MRT

MRT is neat, convenient, well-connected and a cheap/affordable way of exploring Singapore. The cost of traveling for one station in MRT costs S$1.40, after which S$.20 is further added for each station. As you get out of the station you can simply walk to the destination, as Singapore is very walkable. Another thing, don’t forget to issue an EZ-Link Card, which is worth S$15. On the other hand Tourist Pass is worth S$18 for a day, and the difference is that this allows unlimited MRT rides for a one, two or three-days stay. This is only ideal if you would be taking four to five rides per day.

3.Stay in a hostel

This is an obvious point, but what I am focusing on is the location of your hostel. Even if you are paying some extra bucks for staying in a hostel near most of attractions like Clark Quay it is worth it, because you will be spending extra money on commuting and did I mention waste of time too?

4. Eat out in food courts, food halls or hawker stalls

This again comes to common sense or perhaps you are holding back because of hygienic issues. There are various affordable restaurants in Singapore that can cost you around S$2 to $10 like Swee Choon Dim Sum, Saizeriya, Little Hiro, Lola’s Cafe and Maki San.


I know, no one does that intentionally but in Singapore you need to take extra care of things. There are certain rules of the country, which if not respected, can get you in serious trouble. I’ll just give you an idea; for possession, exporting, sale or importing drugs you can get Death Penalty (see this). I don’t mean to scare you at all. All I am suggesting is do your research before you land in this beautiful country. Other things that can get you in problem in Singapore are- Chewing gums, eating/drinking in public places, smoking in public places, among others. I strongly suggest to visit this page to know about Singapore as a tourist and this to know more about laws of the country.

6. Enjoy free attractions

The country is not limited to Cable Car Ride or Universal Studios there are various free attractions in Singapore that are equally enjoyable. As this Little Red Dot is a coastal country, you have some of the finest beaches to spend your beautiful time at; like Palawan Beach and Tanjong Beach.

Some free or affordable things to do in Singapore include- visiting the beautiful temples of Little India, enjoying the Singapore skyline in evening at Clark Quay, Sentosa Boardwalk, National University of Singapore, a stroll in Gardens by the Bay, visiting the popular Tooth Relic Temple of Lord Buddha, the list never ends. Trust me, there is a melange of activities you can do in Singapore in a budget.

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