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Budget shopping destinations of Singapore, and things nobody told you about them.

I wanted to add this point in my article where I briefed about some tips on saving money while visiting Singapore on a budget, but being a shopaholic I couldn’t resist but add a separate post. Everyone who goes for a holiday (almost everyone!) puts aside some funds for shopping. And thinking of shopping in an expensive country like Singapore this could be a tricky affair.

This is undeniable that Singapore is a shopper’s paradise. Whether you are a culture-vulture or brand-addict you can bag anything and everything. This also is undeniable that you CAN shop in Singapore in budget. I am listing a few best and popular budget shopping destinations of Singapore. This shall help you in knowing that Shopping in Singapore can actually be fun and affordable.

1. Bugis Street



Get your mind boggled with tremendous amount of choices in clothing, accessories, shoes and what not! Bugis street consist of 600 shops, all of which are updated almost every other day. You can buy a nice  casual wear for as low as S$10 and for around 5 S$ you can buy a lovely watch or other accessories. And if you are too lazy to roam around the market, you can simply order stuff online from here. The greatest catch is there is no minimum purchase required.

2. Mustafa Centre



This is the charm of Little India. The collection is unlimited and you have a myriad of options in watches, clothing, electronics, shoes, perfume, jewelry, furniture, books, souvenirs..aah! the list is endless. The highlight of Mustafa Centre other than its collection and affordable price is that this market is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year.

3. Lucky Plaza



Orchard Road is renowned in Singapore for its luxurious malls with international brands, and Lucky Plaza stands there for the budget travelers. Clothing, accessories, medicated oils, sweets, books and other such things are available here at attractive prices. You can buy branded perfumes in sample sizes from Lucky Plaza which are obviously cheaper than those you can buy from other shopping malls around. Buying electronic stuff from Lucky Plaza is not recommended. And also make sure that the price the shopkeeper is offering is inclusive of all taxes, as most shopkeepers do not tell the final price.

4. Anchorpoint Shopping Centre



This mall is a two-storey buildings with many factory outlet stores including Charles & Keith, Giordano, Billabong and others. This is where you can get huge discounts in products, which is around 30 to 70 percent. I would say this is a rather lesser-known budget shopping destination of Singapore, but you still have to wait in queues for trial.

5. Far East Plaza



Here, you can get the trendiest stuff with a touch of Korea and Hong-Kong. You can buy good dresses or t-shirts etc for a price between S$15 TO S$ 30. In daily sales, this price dips down to S$10, or even lesser. Other than clothing and accessories Far East Plaza is known for offering beauty services such as spa, tattoo, nail arts etc. There are about 600 stores and bargaining is almost very common in these. Also, one hack you must know- shop in upper floors as here stuff are cheaper because of lower rent.

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