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To the moon and Satara.

Some 250 km South-East of Mumbai is where you can find this little district, Satara. Satara, to me, sounds like sitara, which means a star. This star twinkles too, but is a kind that sits in a hush-hush corner waving back at people waving at it, smiling. But not the shiny, blingy star like Mumbai itself. This little not-so-shiny sitara is on the Sahyadri Hill Range.

Attractions near Satara.


The district might not appeal you, but just follow the narrow meandering routes and look around, thatโ€™s where the magic takes place. This otherwise rocky rigid region is overpowered with flowers during the monsoon season. More than 850 species of flowers bloom throughout the plateau. Of these names of 624 species have been jotted in Red Data Book and 39 flowers are only found in this region. And it has been given the much-deserved title of Biodiversity World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Entry fee: Rs 10

Camera fee: Rs 50

Parking fee (Big vehicle): Rs 100 with no time limitation

Travel tips-

  • Wake up early and make it to the plateau, when visiting during weekends. Reaching around 7-ish would do. Or else prepare for a crazy jam (Happens in peak season).
  • Do not rely on signals as they go off and on.
  • There are no toilets, so be prepared.
  • Carry motion-sickness pills. Though the route is not that crazy, but just in case!
  • Carry snacks and water-bottle. Do not litter, off course!
  • It is unpredictable how much the flowers will bloom. So, do not keep the expectations too high.

Chalkewadi Windmills

About hundreds of windmills installed by different entities across the valley, Chalkewadi is a delight to watch. Locals believe that it is because of its installation that the region has started receiving scantier rainfall.

Travel tips

  • Network!
  • No toilets
  • No restaurants. You can spot some tea stalls while on the way.
  • No transport connectivity in the inner areas

Thoseghar Falls

Considered among the tallest waterfalls in India, Thoseghar Waterfall is often visited by large number of tourists. Entry fee: Rs 10 per person. No camera fee.

There are two routes for Thoseghar falls, both of which are viewing spots. You cannot get too close to the falls due to safety purposes. Even the longer route isnโ€™t much of a pain, and gives a better and closer view of the falls.

Travel tips

  • Can be skipped

Sajjangad Fort

Sajjangad Fort is the final resting place of a popular saint- Swami Ramdas. This is why majority of the visitors here are devotees.

The fort was built in 14th or 15th century by Bahamani. But later came into the rule of Adil Shah and then under Mughals. It is located at a hill-top and provides a stupendous panorama. So you have to climb up stepped route, but itโ€™s so worth it.

Travel tips

  • Climb up before the sunset or sunrise. And thank me later.
  • No point of visiting the fort at night.

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