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Here is how you can get more sleep while you travel.

Traveling overseas, but the eventual tiredness is already becoming the nightmare?  I’ve got your back!

1. Pretend you already are in the time zone.
Practice doesn’t merely make a man perfect but your sleep too. There are basically two ways to easily get acclimatized to the new time zone. One, adjust your watches according to the time zone you are going to be in (this, however would not be a good idea if you have various professional commitments). Two cut your sleeping habits to about half (this will make you tired though, but once you reach your hotel you can have a sound sleep).


2. Drink plenty of water

While travelling in high-altitudes for longer period our body tends to get dehydrated which further results in fatigue. And you obviously don’t want to ruin this vacation. Also, make sure that you are avoiding caffeine and alcohol before and during your flight, as they also result in dehydration sometimes.


3. Exercise
This again is to make you feel tired, so that you can easily sleep according to the time zone. Another major reason is that exercising kills stress and you would then have more time to focus on your vacation than on obscure possibilities.


4. Carry an eye-pad and an ear plug

For a person like me it is almost impossible to doze off in lit and noisy areas. Even if you are not someone like me, you would require these to hush those little noises in the back of your mind.


5. Don’t overeat

When we overeat, our digestive system gets into extra drudgery. And while it is at it, you would end up feeling more tired but somewhat unable to sleep because your body isn’t ready. If you are eating decent amount of food, your body will work normally and you can easily doze off. But this doesn’t in any way mean you should eat lesser, because who wants a growling stomach anyway?!


6. Avoid red-eye flights
As red-eye flight makes you travel through the night it doesn’t work ideally when you are travelling overseas too. Dr. Ferouz-Colborn suggests taking flights that land on mid-day if you travelling to East and for those traveling to West flights that land in the morning work best.


7. Kick the sleeping pills out of the scene

Don’t risk it. Taking sleeping pills would make you sleep more than required leading again to a point when you would find it hard to sleep on time.


8. Set the scene and take your pillows along
If you are someone who finds it hard to sleep on a new bed, then it would be ideal to carry along something that makes you feel home, whether it is your pillow or blanket. This works magically.




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