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Pro-tips For Being a Traveler From The Man Himself, Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus (1451- 1506)

This isn’t a new name to hear, who doesn’t know about Christopher Columbus? A lot of us do, but a few only know the story behind him. This Italian man, along with occupying himself in trading, learned to make maps and navigation of ships. This led him to discover a new route to China other than the Silk Route (which was dangerous) and the sea route across South Africa (which was too long). He looked up for sponsorships for the trip but only got the break after 10 years. The queen of Spain finally accepted to provide him funds, ships and men and she took it as a great deal for her spice trade. While on the voyage he landed on one of the islands of Bahamas Archipelago, and called its people Indians. Though, he wasn’t the first European ever to land on American region but his tour led to a flourishing relationship between Europe and America.

Here’s how you can be cool like Christopher Columbus:
Step one: Learn to make a map and navigate ships. Get obsessed and find (or should I say discover) a new sea route to a far off region (Like from Spain to China).

Step two:  Go pitch the royal leaders to sponsor your voyage and I am sure someone will do that for you, even if it is after ten years. They might perceive you as a treasure for their spice trade.

Step three: Fuck it all up by landing on a chunk of land you never knew about, because the earth IRL is a vaster creation than your paper maps. Tell the world about your THIS discovery called America, even though you aren’t the first one to do discover, but the one who shouts only get the attention.

Step four: Call the natives Indians, because YOLO.

Step five: Grab some turkeys and pineapples and return home where you get a heroic welcome. Lay back and see how other kings fund your voyages.

Step six: What spice?


Enough kidding here are some wise words he said


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