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The only post you need to deal with theft while you travel

During dull monotonous routine it is easier to keep a track of your belongings. But it turns into drudgery when you are drifting through woods, sipping beer by the sea or attending a wooing cultural programme in a foreign land. And to make this easier, here is a post you just need. Here are some hacks and tips that should help in keeping your money or anything priced safe with you. Let us start with three secret places for hiding cash while you travel.

  1. Socks


Don’t blame me for getting pick-pocketed if you aren’t doing this smartly- i.e.-

  • Storing coins over cash- Yeah! You obviously want the sound to attract the thief.
  • Storing in a light-coloured socks- Because light colours obviously aren’t translucent.
  • Not putting the socks casually- I am sorry but if you are going to keep those socks with extra care, the thief would get the hint. Also, make sure you are putting the socks with many others, so that this looks like a mess and HELLO! Who wants to deal with a mess anyway?! Not the thief at least.
  • Forgetting which sock you put the cash in- Now that’s your bad. Totally!
  1. Shampoo bottle/ deodorant bottle/ chap-stick


  • Yes we are talking about USED and CLEAN bottles.
  • Secondly, in the case of bottles, as we know even a bundle of notes would make the noise; so make sure you have stuffed them with enough cotton to cut off the noise.
  • You might not be able to put enough money in chap-stick, but just roll the paper and stuff it in.
  1. Secret pocket

tumblr_lklh3e0C421qbjc85 (1)

  • This again needs some homework. Take a handkerchief you don’t use anymore or any piece of cloth and sew the garment and the cloth together.
  • Don’t sew all the sides. Leave the uppermost side open so that you can put stuff inside.
  • The deeper the new pocket, the better.
  • It would be better if the colour of the garment you are sewing on and the cloth’s colour matches. Camouflaging would work best if you would be living in hostels, where you are more likely to fold or hang your clothes for anyone else to steal a peek.
  • I shouldn’t be saying it, but, don’t STAPLE it, you cannot trust that!


Now that you have mastered the art of Travel Hacking, here are just some handy-tips that need to be considered, if you want to keep your money safe while traveling.

  1. Wrap your wallet or money (rolled) with rubber-band. This would make it stickier and the thief could find it harder to snatch.
  2. Never keep huge amount of cash in one place. Divide and rule! So that if one bags gets stolen, you are not left behind with nothing.
  3. If we talk about products, you can find money belts, zip-in socks, bra-wallet, a pocket-underwear and many such things online.
  4. Don’t look like a tourists and try not to flaunt priced belongings
  5. Stay alert and double-check.
  6. Talk to locals about safest locales and popular scams

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