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8 Travel Mistakes You Wouldn’t Want To Make EVER!

We’re wired to learn from our mistakes, but why learn MAKING it in the first place? Skim through the post and save yourself. There goes top mistakes not to make while traveling:


  1. Failing to check your passport dates.

The custom department might send you back to your pavilion if your passport is on the verge of expiring, or of course has expired already. Make sure that you are

  • Keeping a track of the expiry date.
  • Renew it at least six months prior.
  • ALWAYS check the passport regulation of the country you are planning to visit. IN ADVANCE.



2. Packing WRONG

Take a deep breath and repeat after me- “There is no bad weather, just inappropriate clothing.” In fact, it’s not just about the clothing, there are many things which needs to be in the checklist. Pack right with the following steps:

  • Keep a track of the weather of your destination. That place could be hot, cold or pleasant; and even a place where you can experience like 3 seasons in a day, like Bangalore. So, ahem!
  • Some must haves are sunscreen, torchlight, hand sanitizer, scarf and earphones.
  • Also it would be a pain if you aren’t health. Make sure you keep a medical kit, along with your doctor’s number and prescription handy.

3. Packing too much

Who wants to ruin the trip by crawling around with heavy baggage. If not you, here’s what you can do:

  • Mix and match your clothes. And maybe try the roll-technique of packing.
  • Laundry wherever you stay.




4. Getting pick-pocketed

For a trouble-free travel, it’s best to have your cash and expensive belongings safe af. Keep a note of the below mentioned tips, and in case you want to master the art of dealing with theft while you travel, read in detail here.

  • Wear a money belt under your clothes.
  • This one’s not for pick-pocketing in general, but would save you glory: Always carry a map, so that your driver doesn’t fool you.
  • Lock your passport, chequebook and credit card in the hotel. Of course the extra ones.

5. Not carrying the travel adapter.


Travel smart. Okay?


6. Not carrying your prescriptions.


Health is not among other things. Period!

This needs to be done because:

  • Your prescribed medicine might not be available everywhere you go.
  • It could be more expensive where you are traveling to.

7. Not informing your bank you’re traveling

This would help them lock your bank account or inform you swiftly in case they notice transactions being taken place from somewhere else.


8. Changing currency at the wrong place

Make sure you grab the best rate of your currency and not lose up while you exchange at the wrong place. Here are some tips for changing currency while you travel abroad:

  • Always check with the bank to know what you’ll be paying per swipe in the foreign lands, and also the amount that will be charged at the ATM.
  • Avoid exchanging currency at the airport.
  • Cross check the rate of exchange with other banks too.




8 travel mistakes you don't want to make.

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