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Mumbai-Shirdi Enchantment

While you curl up in the backseat of your car, roadtrippin’, the rolling hillocks of the Western Ghats would exhibit their own conspiracy of captivating your senses. You’re captured so that it feels the hit of marijuana right straight to your cranial nerves. You peep out of the window of this moving car, as your hair frolics around with the wind, fluttering.

The music player can’t stop playing your beloved journey song on loop. The gentle curves, as you meander through it, sings you a lullaby but you’d rather stare and dream.

Though the hillocks have turned a little beige and dry, but it is yet as beautiful as it gets when the rain comes pouring in the monsoon. Mumbai-Shirdi route is lyrical but believable, this is why this is one of the best weekend getaway destinations from Mumbai (you can do it in a day too). You might as well want to pull over and stock up your car with fresh fruits, thanks to highly fertile soil of the vicinity. After all, this is the region where we have the best vineyards of India.

You wish the journey never ends, but the destination is totally worth the halt. Shirdi Mandir is where ends your sorrows and this is where new beautiful beginnings happen. Just a little piece of advice (two actually)- 1) Avoid standing in long queues and buy your online darshan pass prior your visit to the temple. This way you’ll be able to do a one-day to and fro journey, with some stopovers.

2) Don’t buy the onion sold in the highway near the temple, it only looks inviting from the outside.





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