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Roshni Sharma – First Solo Indian Lady Biker Who Traveled from Kanyakumari to Kashmir

Check out this interview I took for Ms. Travel Bee;

While we are busy jotting down the names of exotic places in our Travel Bucket-List, there are do-ers like Roshini Sharma who are busy living their Travel Bucket List. Roshni Sharma, everyone, is that one lady that stirred the concept of Solo Woman Travel in India, and the world. She travelled right from Kanyakumari to Kashmir, covering a distance of 5453 km solo on her bike.

During the span of fourteen days, she passed through glinting cities, hamlets and wilderness. She travelled through it all with just a pepper spray, which she never had to use owing to her wits and guts of steel. It was not her first time kicking the stereotypes on its face, Roshni has measured the routes like Bangalore-Chennai-Bangalore, Bangalore- Pune- Bangalore biking solo. Let’s get to know how it was from her:

As you’ve always been fond of traveling and you’ve always thought of taking this journey since ever, what was that one catalyst that pushed you to do it without further ado? 

I won’t say that I was inspired by anyone. It’s just that I have always been fond of adventure, thrill and since childhood I was this way and wanted to roam around the country and someday around the world probably. Always have been fond of hiking cycling and so on. My parents have been very supportive for that.

There have been jungles and other such inhospitable routes you passed through. How did you feel about that?

There were moments when I felt, I had a good job, I had a decent place to live in, I have loving parents & friends and I have everything in life what a person needs to live. What I am looking for, by this ride and what I am doing in this jungle, alone in the midnight. I was terribly frightened but some part of me was saying, you will do it and this experience will make you even stronger it’s just matter of few hours and everything will be fine.



Read the full story here

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