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Mumbai-Shirdi Enchantment

While you curl up in the backseat of your car, roadtrippin’, the rolling hillocks of the Western Ghats would exhibit their own conspiracy of captivating your senses. You’re captured so that it feels the hit of marijuana right straight to your cranial nerves. You peep out of the window of this moving car, as your… Continue reading Mumbai-Shirdi Enchantment

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Top things to do in London.

Check out my post on Indian Holiday:- Go here to read the full post. (Picture credits) While the Earth spins around and brings dusks, dawns and millenniums, there is this city which never did let, never does and never will let its charisma tumble. The capital of England, one of world’s most iconic and glamorous… Continue reading Top things to do in London.

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9 things you will experience only in Delhi.

(Picture: I was just strolling in CP. This man cared to strike a pose as his comrade looked back to see what was happening. He then smiled, jumped into the scooter, waved and disappeared in traffic) The Forts affair. New Delhi is the UNESCO World Heritage City of India with three UNESCO world heritage sites… Continue reading 9 things you will experience only in Delhi.