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Mumbai-Shirdi Enchantment

While you curl up in the backseat of your car, roadtrippin’, the rolling hillocks of the Western Ghats would exhibit their own conspiracy of captivating your senses. You’re captured so that it feels the hit of marijuana right straight to your cranial nerves. You peep out of the window of this moving car, as your… Continue reading Mumbai-Shirdi Enchantment

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Kolad, Minus World.

Kolad, just another nowhere, far-close (120 km) to a bustling city- Mumbai. Unreliable (Nil, mostly!) mobile network, just same weather as Mumbai’s but a world apart- that’s what Kolad is. Kolad is mainly popular for river rafting activity. Every weekend people tired of Mumbai’s honks and screeches make their way to splash in river- Kundalika. Kolad… Continue reading Kolad, Minus World.

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To the moon and Satara.

Some 250 km South-East of Mumbai is where you can find this little district, Satara. Satara, to me, sounds like sitara, which means a star. This star twinkles too, but is a kind that sits in a hush-hush corner waving back at people waving at it, smiling. But not the shiny, blingy star like Mumbai… Continue reading To the moon and Satara.